Monterey Wine Festival


With hundreds of wines offered for tasting, wine lovers will find an embarrassment of riches awaiting them at the Monterey Wine Festival, June 3-5, 2016. On Saturday and Sunday guests will dine on savory bites paired with selected wines, beers and spirits at the Custom House Plaza.


The Monterey Wine Festival kicks off with an exclusive event on Friday, June 3rd at 6pm at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. From the hands of Chef James Waller, guests will enjoy creations high-lighting luxury foods including lobster, duck, lamb racks, wild caught salmon, foie gras, wagyu style beef all paired with a preferred array of wines.

Included in the Saturday ticket price is the Chowdah Challenge & Celebration where professional chefs from the West Coast duke it out for the title of best chowder. Guests can sample previous award winning chowders, pick their own personal favorites and simply enjoy cuisine that has become synonymous with the Monterey Bay.

Included in the Sunday ticket price is another seaworthy celebration with the Kings of Calamari and Masters of Mussels events. Locals and restaurants bring different seasonings and flavor combinations for various tasting throughout the day.


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